is an ornamental flow-chart.
It provides the whole-at-a-glance view of this branching narrative project. It is a decorative nod to the long history of information design and its various graphic forms from illuminated manuscripts to cathedral mosaics. It also provides a structure for organizing audience contributions to the tale. It is now employed as an interface in the web version of this tale.

was first tested in an installation at the Tweed Museum of Art in April 2001.(and the AIGA / Adversary Show in April 2002). This 7 foot by 7 foot digital print attempts to illuminate the multivalence of fairy tales and how they might be shaped by the agency of an audience. Gallery visitors interact with the Hot House installation by drawing images onto round white stickers in direct response to the node points of the fairy tale. Visitors stick their own images onto the corresponding node points which are numbered on the chart.

The ornamental flow chart becomes a story map, telling multiple versions of the fairy tale visually. Some of the images gathered in the Hot House installations will be repurposed in the web version of this tale.

The ornamental flow chart now serves as an organizational device and decorative motif throughout the website which provides links to other fairy tale research and digital narratives. Hot House is the forced flowering and propagating of this tale. It is the forced morphing of a folk tale.

Navigate the nodes of HOT HOUSE by using the chain of numbers down the RIGHT side of the Ornamental flow-chart. HOT HOUSE IS UNDER CONSRUCTION! This portion of the website is designed to house audience contributions, both text and images. These will be gathered from diverse contributors

well...actually, this part of the website was a cool idea...but I sure don't have time for it!

If you wish to contribute
text or images to this project,
please contact Joellyn Rock
for more details about HOT HOUSE

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